Jewelry Care

Caring for your handmade Jewelry and keeping it in its best condition:

>> Keep jewelry away from chemicals (even essential oils, lotions and soaps). Its best if you remove your jewelry when showering / swimming in water with minerals / chlorine.

>> Keep jewelry away from pressure. If you smash or knock your jewelry there is a VERY good chance you will damage it. Especially if there are set stones in your jewelry.

>> As long as you wear your sterling silver jewelry regularly it will acquire and maintain a natural polish.

>> It is normal for sterling silver to tarnish when unworn for periods of time. If you store your jewelry in a plastic zip bag it will tarnish less over time. To remove tarnish use a Blitz silver care cloth or a Sunshine polishing cloth (both available on Amazon) to polish your piece.

>> Each piece of jewelry I create is individual and one-of-a-kind with variations in terms of stone color, finish, and texture. One individual piece cannot be duplicated, only used as inspiration for another one-of-a-kind piece. My handmade jewelry is meant to last for generations if it is cared for.

>> I cannot be responsible for carelessness or accidental damage to your jewelry. Scratches, dents, breakage, discoloration, and loss are all included in what I cannot be responsible for. Once your jewelry is in your possession, you are fully responsible for its care.