Artist BIO

My name is Lisa. I am the silversmith who creates the jewelry here at Mountainside Studio. I grew up with an art teacher mother and all types of art materials at my fingertips. My mother spoke a language of creativity and nature’s beauty. It is a language that has stayed with me all my years and feels very comfortable to me.

I earned a Bachelor of Fine Arts Degree in Art Education from Utah State University and taught High School jewelry for four years. I taught a community adult education jewelry cIass and have also had a handful of private students. I am no longer teaching for now. 

I have moved on to making jewelry at a pace that has allowed me to raise my children, explore other hobbies, and adventure with my family. My husband and I make it a priority to get outside on the rivers, in the mountains and exploring the wilderness with our children.

For 24 years making jewelry has been a passion of mine. It has my life's experiences, adventures, sorrows, creative ramblings and love pounded, shaped and set within its designs. My soul delights in creating. I believe that certain jewelry pieces can hold sacred spaces and be symbolic for the maker and the wearer. 

I am at a time in my life where I am able to increase my productivity and seek out meaningful ways to share my work locally and online. My Instagram page is @mountainsidestudio come follow along to see snippets of my life at home and in my studio.

Please email for collaborations or inquiries.

Thanks so much for being here and showing interest in the jewelry I create!